Spitsbergen Weissbier

‪Based on German traditions of mixing at least 50 % wheat to barley malt, this is a light colored top-fermented beer. Adding to the ancient wheat beer tradition, it makes sense to use ancient glacier water from Bogerbreen.

Spitsbergen Weissbier

Hops: Germany (Hallentauer Mittelfrü, Tettnang)
Malt: Finland (Vikingmalt)
Yest: Weissbier yeast (Germany)


Water (of which 16% glacier water), malt, hops & yeast.
Bitterness Pretty little
Sweetness Pretty much
Fruitiness Very much

Perfect with

Pasta, omelette, shellfish and fruit


Class D | Vol: 5,5%


330 ml Cans and 30 liter Key kegs